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Pergola Construction Materials in Maryland  

Pergolas are a brilliant way to add shade and detail to a home. We can help you select the best pergola construction materials in Maryland. Whether you want it attached to a structure or free-standing, we have the resources available for you to build your pergola however you want. Not only are these structures very useful, but they are also built to last and don’t need a lot of maintenance.  

Using vinyl materials, our Shoreline pergolas are rot-resistant, weather-proof, and retains its color.

See for yourself at our pergola construction materials showroom just 20 minutes away from Baltimore. You can visualize how our products look in person and experience them with your own hands. We build full-scale displays, so you can truly imagine what having your dream outdoor setup would look like. Our team can advise what pergola materials will serve your needs best as well.

Low-maintenance decorative pergolas add a touch of elegance to any space. 

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Free-standing pergola covering a grill
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